My opinion on 2022 Layoffs

Nov 15, 2022 | Career | 0 comments

In 2022, many companies including tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Flipkart started laying off their workforce. The opinion is a reflection of my thoughts at that time.

Layoffs are painful. Staying positive is easier said than done in such difficult situations, especially when you have a family to feed.

One of my closest friends also got laid off last week. I had a discussion with him. He is confident that he will get a new job. But, he may need time to adjust himself to a new environment.

Change is the only constant. And, many times we have to accept those life changes.

I look at every new change in my life as an opportunity to create a better version of myself.

Joining a new job, working with a new client, starting a new company – everything is an experience that leads us towards something new that we may or may not have desired in life.

But, the pursuit of creating a better version of myself motivates me enough to embrace the change positively. And, it has always resulted in a positive way.


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