Importance of consistency in discipline

Sep 25, 2022 | Personal Development | 0 comments

Discipline without consistency gives you nothing.

Yesterday I called my old friend from whom I had learned about PMP certification for the first time and I wanted some advice from him. During the conversation, he told me that he couldn’t finish the training.

He initially started with a lot of enthusiasm. He decided to put a fixed number of hours into his training every week. But after 3 weeks, he missed one session, and then slowly he started missing more sessions. And now he doesn’t remember when was the last time he had checked on the course that he had purchased from Udemy.

One thing that he warned me is don’t do it if you can’t maintain consistency. He started the course 3 years ago and today he is at nothing.

The more I think about it, the more I realize the importance of maintaining consistency in the discipline that we decide to follow to achieve our goals.

Take a simple example of a person who goes to the gym because they want to get fit. We all have that one dear friend in our contact list who subscribes to the gym for a year, goes to the gym for a week or two, and then out of nowhere, you come to know that they have stopped going to the gym.

Consistency and discipline go hand in hand. To achieve anything in your life, career, etc., you must maintain consistency in the discipline. Consistency gives us the desired results, which again motivates us to keep following the discipline for longer.

The biggest challenge is how to maintain consistency. Because maintaining consistency means coming out of our comfort zone. And, that depends on everyone’s lifestyle, strong will, profession, and many other factors.

How do you maintain consistency?


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