How to make your skills/ products/ services better?

Sep 10, 2022 | Career, Personal Development | 0 comments

How to make your #skills/ #products/ #services better?

At beginning of 2022, I decided to have some meaningful conversations with #youngsters, #entrepreneurs, and #professionals.

One of the common topics of discussion has always been about how to improve on things we are already doing.

And, my answer will always be to listen carefully and act on the critical feedback we receive from our #mentors, #clients, #customers, #colleagues, and many others who interact with us in the improvement process.

I personally prefer to have a deep connection with someone who gives me critical feedback without hesitation, and most importantly, with those, who in spite of having critical feedback, still choose to work with me.

Those are the people whose words might be harsh, but their intention is, directly or indirectly, to help me improve my skills/products/services.

Imagine a huge consumer brand not caring about the critical feedback shared by its customers. Will you buy from them?

These brands collect feedback from their customers regularly so they can improve their products/services.

Valid critical feedback gives a clear direction toward the improvements.

Unfortunately, many of us are not able to take the feedback constructively. There could be a possibility that the feedback is incorrect or only some part of it is relevant to you. But, even if only 10% of it is relevant to me, I will simply go for it.

Feedback is a stepping stone to success. We should look at every feedback as an opportunity to create a better version of ourselves.

How do you improve your skills/products/services?


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