How to improve the effectiveness of your communication?

Oct 11, 2022 | Personal Development | 0 comments

Specificity and Clarity are important aspects of any effective communication.

In my opinion, this is an essential skill required in all professions and should also be a part of the curriculum of under-grad and higher courses.

I personally like to work with people who discuss specific things while giving feedback, sharing requirements, reporting progress, etc. And, the “clarity” on these particular things makes them faster to understand.

While heading the tech at Viral Fission, where I interact with so many people, I realized the importance of “clarity” and “specificity” in the instructions to get any work done faster from my team, other teams, and even vendors.

E.g. instead of asking for a high-resolution logo, I ask for a logo PNG file with a size of 200×100 pixels and the ETA reduces to almost half.

Asking for a high-resolution logo is a very generic requirement. And, it is difficult for the graphic designer to interpret the expected output. While the graphic designer will do the job in a reasonable timeline, the output won’t always be useful for me. What if he sends me a JPG file instead of a PNG? I have to again share the requirements to get the correct output from him. Hence, my work gets delayed.

The more I talk specifically and with utmost clarity, the faster I get the required output.

How do you deal with vague feedback or requirements?


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