Challenges v/s Problems

Nov 29, 2022 | Personal Development | 0 comments

Understanding this difference made my life so much easier than before.

We all face various challenges in our lives. Some are easy, and some are difficult. In my opinion, our perspective towards looking at these challenges decides whether it is easy or difficult. And, a wrong or an incorrect perspective converts that challenge into a problem.

When a problem occurs, we panic and get stressed, which converts more challenges into problems. This is where our life starts becoming difficult to manage.

So in my opinion, our perspective of looking at the problem matters a lot, but how do we know if our viewpoint is correct or not?

The one important decision I made when I started my freelancing career was making new friends of a higher age group. I was 20 at that time and consciously made friends above the age of 30.

When you have friends of that age, you get access to vast knowledge, experience, and wisdom, which helps you refine your perspectives about different things in life.

Even today, whenever I face challenges, whether professional or personal, I reach out to these friends to understand their perspectives on those challenges.

But this does not always guarantee that you will get a solution. This has happened many times to me. And that is where I start making new friends 🙂

I strongly believe everyone should have at least one mentor in their life. This mentor can be your parents, friends, teachers, a senior person in your current or previous office, a client, or anyone else.

Choose the mentor wisely. Build a healthy relationship with the person so you two can benefit from each other. But most importantly, make sure you are using the experience and wisdom of that person in such a way that your challenges are getting converted into opportunities and not into problems.


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