Are you constantly challenging yourself at work?

Nov 5, 2022 | Career, Personal Development | 0 comments

I meet many coders and marketing professionals talking about their professional life becoming boring day by day or unable to achieve the performance level compared to their peers.

The more I interact with such people, I realize that many of them are not taking on challenging work because they are in their comfort zone.

To all those who are facing the same issue, I would advise constantly challenging yourself at work. Because if you don’t, that comfort zone is killing your growth.

In my opinion, challenging ourselves helps us understand two things:
Our capabilities – We get more sense of our knowledge and expertise. We get to know where we have to improve. This clarity gives us enough motivation to improve our work, enhance our skills, etc.

Our capacity – We get to know how much work we can finish in a particular period. This gives speed to the work. We get to know how our brain functions when there is a workload. Our capacity defines our productivity as well. This clarity can help us in arranging the task priority-wise and work accordingly.

The clarity on “Capabilities” and “Capacities”, and our efforts to improve them, help us achieve maximum productivity at work.

But if you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t see the change in your life.


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